Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Are treats okay?

Lots of people ask me whether my horses are so badly behaved because I give them carrots.

Of course I tell them my horses are badly behaved because of a myriad of complicated reasons that have little to do with carrots, but I never manage to convince them. They blame the carrots.

I am not even sure Aristotle would believe me. He'd just set out the following:

Marti gives her her horses carrots.
Marti's horses are badly behaved.
Therefore, carrots make horses badly behaved.

Now, just because he is Aristotle does not make him right. And let's face it, Aristotle was NOT a natural horseman. In fact, I don't remember him ever starting a single colt. And anyway, he married a woman named Pythias and then named their daughter Pythias. That's not very smart, is it?

By contrast, Pat Parelli has started lots of colts and his wife, Linda, has a different name to his daughter. Linda and Pat say it's fine to give your horses carrots. So I do. But if you want to see what my horses REALLY love, have a look at this video.

Are treats okay?